IEA National Finals 

In two weeks, teams of the nation’s top middle and upper school equestrians will converge and ride for national titles at the 2017 Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Hunt Seat Finals in Lexington, VA. The 2017 IEA National Finals will be held at the Virginia Horse Center and will welcome 39 teams and nearly 400 individual riders from across the United States.

Zone 1 Upper School Teams: Concord, Grazing Fields Farm, Hunter Ridge

Zone 1 Middle School Teams: Cranberry, Grazing Fields Farm, Movado Farm

Zone 2 Upper School Teams: Greystone Stables, JLD Equine, Lucky C Stables, Sweet Hills

Zone 2 Middle School Teams: Good Shepherd Farm, Knox School, Saddle River, The Crossroads

Zone 3 Upper School Teams: Clover Grove, HRA/Foxtail Farm, Madeira School

Zone 3 Middle School Teams: Fox Run NC, HRA/Foxtail Farm, Woodpecker Farm

Zone 4 Upper School Teams: Big Bend, Fortitude Farm, Pecan Lane, Storybook Jr. Cougars

Zone 4 Middle School Teams: Middle GA, Storybook Jr. Cougars, Trottin’ Tigers

Zone 5 Upper School Teams: Sid Griffith, Yinger

Zone 5 Middle School Teams: Honey Tree, Valley View

Zone 7 Upper School Team: Takeoff Farm

Zone 7 Middle School Teams: Riding With Faith, Silent Knight

Zone 8 Upper School Teams: Fall River Farm, Forest Edge Farm

Zone 8 Middle School Teams: Forest Edge Farm, Scottsdale

Zone 9 Upper School Team: Burkwood

Zone 9 Middle School Team; Burkwood

Zone 10 Upper School Team: Red Barn, Woodside

Zone 10 Middle School Teams: Elvenstar – OC, Sonoma Valley Stables
Celebrating its 15th season, the IEA has more than 13,500 middle and high school student-riders across the United States. The IEA was organized to promote and improve the quality of equestrian competition and instruction available to middle and secondary school students and is open to public and private schools and barn teams. Its purpose is to set minimum standards for competition, provide information concerning the creation and development of school associated equestrian sport programs, to generally promote the common interests of safe riding instruction and competition and education on matters related to equestrian competition at the middle and secondary school levels. No rider needs to own a horse because the IEA provides a mount and tack for each equestrian at every event. For more information, please view the IEA website at:

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