APHA’s Farnam Stakes enrollment approaching

Thanks to simplified eligibility requirements, it’s easier than ever to compete for huge payouts in the 2018 Farnam Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes classes. Enroll your talented Paint now to take a shot at the $50,000-plus payout at the 2018 APHA World Championship Show.

Late enrollments will be accepted through Dec. 31; enrollments submitted after Dec. 31 will not be accepted.

Who Can Enter?

In the absence of the Farnam Stakes Sale, the following criterion will be used to make horses eligible for the Farnam Stakes classes beginning with the 2018 APHA World Show (2017 yearlings):

  • All Breeders’ Trust-nominated Regular Registry Paints are eligible to enter the Farnam Pleasure Stakes.
  • Additionally, all Breeders’ Trust-nominated solid Paint-breds who have been genetically tested and carry a known Paint pattern marker (Tobiano; Frame Overo; Sabino 1; Splash White 1, 2 or 3; Dominant White 5, 10 or 20, confirmed through APHA-approved genetic testingare eligible to compete with the Regular Registry horses.
    • Under this World Show policy, solid Paint-breds only have to carry a confirmed Paint pattern gene to be eligible—there’s no stipulation on sire and dam requirements, or the need to express a Paint trait.
  • Eligible horses must be enrolled to the Farnam Stakes program during their yearling year no later than Dec. 31; entries will not be accepted after the final postmark deadline of Dec. 31.
  • To get the best rate on your entry, enroll your Paint by Nov. 1.

A redesigned sale program will return in 2018.

Entry Fees & Deadlines

The following entry fees make your Paint eligible to compete in the 2-Year-Old Farnam Pleasure Stakes classes:

 Yearling year – Postmarked November 1, 2017: $1,500 enrollment payment

  • Late Entry Fee – Postmarked November 2, 2017 – December 31, 2017: $3,000 payment
  • No additional entries will be accepted after December 31, 2017.

2-year-old year – Postmarked Aug. 1: $1,000 + $225 administrative fee

  • Late Entry Fee – Postmarked Aug. 2,  until 5 p.m. day before class:  $1,500 + $225 admin fee
  • If entering both 2-year-old classes (Western pleasure and hunter under saddle), an additional $1,000 entry fee will apply.

Total investment = $2,500 per entry + $225 administrative fee


Farnam Stakes Classes:

Horses made eligible for the Farnam Stakes classes during their yearling and 2-year-old year are able to compete in the following classes throughout their careers:

  •  2-Year-Old Western Pleasure and 2-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle (Payout 75 percent Open / 25 percent Limited)Offered with a limited division as a class within a class.
  •  Non-Pro 3- & 4-Year-Old Western Pleasure and Non-Pro 3- & 4-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle (additional entry fees required)
    • Available for horses sold through the 2015 and 2016 Farnam Breeders’ Trust Select Sale
    • Additional information on 2018 3- & 4-Year-Old entries coming soon.
    • Beginning at the 2020 World Show, the Non-Pro class option will change to Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure and Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle for eligible horses (additional entry fees required).
Source: Paint Horse Journal

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